Occupational Health workforce planning project

It is widely recognised in the Occupational Health professions that the need for OH greatly outstrips the supply of appropriately qualified professionals.  Changing workforce demographics is likely to make this worse with more people having to stay in employment longer.  However, it is also clear that OH provision is not restricted to face-to-face interventions and that new approaches such as telephone help lines and self-help websites have a part to play.

In order to map out future requirements the Council is supporting a project that aims to articulate a vision of how occupational health should be delivered over the next 20 years and to identify the workforce planning that is needed to support that vision.

Executive summary of the Second Report - March 2016

Professor John Harrison leads the Workforce Planning Project Group on behalf of the Council.  The first phase has involved a literature review and a series of workshops with representatives of relevant stakeholder organisations to consider the strategic environment and define the populations that need to be addressed.

A copy of the report on the first phase of this project is available here

The next stages of the project include looking at the service delivery models, defining the knowledge, competencies of practitioners and the anticipated workforce requirements.

The Executive Summary of the second phase of this project is available here

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