UK Rehabilitation Council (UKRC)

The UKRC’s aim is to be an effective force for rehabilitation in the UK that will support excellence in services that will help sick and injured people, where possible, regain their independence and achieve their work aspirations.  The central purpose and role of the Council is defined as:

  • To become the overarching voice for rehabilitation and lead organisation in the field of health and vocational rehabilitation across the UK
  • To bring together and be run by its stakeholders. These will include
    - Government agencies and departments
    - Professionals and Professional bodies
    - Purchasers
    - Commissioners
    - Providers and
    - Individuals who use rehabilitation services
  • To ensure joint working and sharing of agendas and priorities, thus providing a cohesive approach to drive quality rehabilitation services, recognised across the industry and those that use it
  • To become an authoritative source of information on rehabilitation
  • To become an authoritative source of standards for the industry that are universally accepted and ultimately enforceable, which are complementary to existing standards of professional bodies
  • To become a proposer and endorser of best practice, education and training requirements to universities and other educational establishments
  • To encourage research, development, production and distribution of rehabilitation information and knowledge and thereby to
  • Increase understanding of the benefits of rehabilitation in the UK at large.

Area of occupational health

Health and Vocational Rehabilitation

Membership criteria

Membership is available to all medical disciplines, insurance and legal professionals working within rehabilitation services and users of rehabilitation services.  Initially two classes of paid membership have been defined, as follows:

  • Individual membership: Open to all individuals with an interest in health and vocational rehabilitation and who wish to support and to be associated with the UKRC.  There will be no restrictions on who can join, as membership is open to the public. It is anticipated that some members may also be members of other bodies.
  • Affiliate membership:  Available to all public, private and not-for-profit bodies who wish to support and be associated with the UKRC.  Membership is open to all organisations with no restrictions on size.

In addition:

  • Corporate and individual sponsorship:  The UKRC welcomes sponsorship support to develop and grow the organisation into a cohesive force to achieve excellence for the rehabilitation sector.

Conferences and study days

The UKRC runs conferences and partner events.


  • Choosing a Rehabilitation Provider
  • Selecting Rehabilitation Services
  • Rehabilitation Standards – Hallmarks of a good Provider

Advice Line/Toolkits available

The website promotes latest news, events and announcements, together with resource section.  Rehabilitation Standards are available to download free from the website.

Quality Standards and Regulation

UKRC has its own rehabilitation standards and supports the PAS 150 2010: Providing Rehabilitation Services, Code of Practice

Promotion of research and service evaluation

The UKRC Board plays an active role in contributing to research, consultations and service evaluations.

Contact UKRC

Contact Susan Berdo,, or visit the website

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